The Jungle Book



Created the role of


At The Goodman Theatre in

Chicago and the Huntington

Theatre in Boston



Sing the National Anthem at

a Cubs @ White Sox Game


Tommy Derrah, Anjali Bhimani,

Akash Chopra, Nikka Graff

Lanzarone, and Geoff Packard





Opening Night with composer

Richard Sherman


At the Goodman Theatre Gala


Nehal Joshi, Tommy Derrah,

Anjali Bhimani, and Ed Kross






Performing at the

Goodman Theatre Gala





Opening night with Mowgli,

Akash Chopra


Feeling The Jungle

Rhythm onstage at

The Goodman in




Working hard during rehearsals 


Akash Chopra helps Kev learn his lines and

blocking in rehearsal






Monkeying around for #SIP

Saturday Intermission Picture





Hanging around with some monkey

friends, young people and Music

Director Doug Peck backstage at

The Goodman